It’s been quiet here in my little online world because I have been without computer for the past month!  A few weeks ago, a lady turned left at a four-way intersection when I had the right of way, and she crashed my car.  I was too busy in bed recovering the day after that I didn’t get any pics of my totaled car, but these politely-borrowed pictures off the internet should give you some idea.



::sigh::  It was my family’s third car, so I still have my wagon, fortunately.  And luckily, the lady’s insurance was very cooperative, and they compensated us pretty fairly for the lost car.  So what does this have to do with not having a computer for the last month?  You may ask.  Well, my computer, which goes everywhere with me, was in the front seat of the car at the time of the crash and unfortunately, didn’t survive the accident.  Neither did my not-backed-up files.  So to put it plainly, I lost all of my pictures from last year that have not already been uploaded on SmugmugFacebook, or my website.  ::cries::

It’s a sad loss and a hard way to learn to back up your files.  But many more pictures will be taken, and life will go on.  Plus, the insurance company gave me $ for a new computer, so all is not lost!  I’m back in the game now, so keep your eye out for more posts soon to come.


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