Before coming back to the States, we had to get a scenic view of the city at le Parc du Mont-Royal.

It was quite a misty morning, so we didn’t get the greatest view, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Some tourists books say that le Parc du Mont-Royal is actually an extinct volcano, but according to wikipedia (can you tell how serious I am about solid research) it says, “The mountain is not a traditional volcano as such. However, it is the deep extension of a vastly eroded ancient volcanic complex, which was probably active about 125 million years ago.”  Well, extinct volcano or not, the park is beautiful and so are the views from it.  McGill University is situated on this gorgeous “not-traditional-volcano,” and all of the buildings literally look like castles out of a fairy tale.  (And I thought Blanchard Hall was pretty…)

I was too busy mesmerizing over the enchanted dorm halls to take any pictures, but here are a few more from the clearing:


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