So you may be wondering…a whole place post on the Métro??  But transportation is a very important part of a city, so we had to have our fair share of public transport sampling.  In fact, one of our major activities while in Montréal was riding around on the Métro.  I’m not much for planning, so we decided to be spontaneous and pick places at random to get off.  Turns out that we discovered one of our favorite parts of the trip by doing this.  It was an interactive public art display called Éclats de Verre, consisting of colored panels, mystical music, and interactive lights projected on a skyscraper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my dslr with me for this adventure, but we got a couple with the point and shoot, and you can click here for a picture and here for a better understanding of our experience.  Make sure you watch the video!!  Here are our pics:

(Don’t ask me why I’m posing like that…)

We also found another art display we liked around the corner.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

The translation means something along the lines of: “There will be a place where you have the freedom to express yourself.”  Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, I highly recommend our method of spontaneous touristing, at least for an afternoon.  A 24-hour pass on the Montréal Métro is $7 and it’s the best way to take advantage of it!  Let me know what you discover when you follow my genius advice…


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