I was never a big animal person growing up, but the more I learn about animals and discover how intelligent they are, the more I have come to appreciate them.  I’m torn about zoos because I love seeing all of the different species, but it would be way more fun to be able to interact more with them.  Here are some of the pictures I took from the Rainforest in Cleveland, OH.

Monkey (Sorry, I didn’t make note of the scientific names of all these animals, so my made up names will have to do):


Very large python:

Green Frogs (Can you count how many there are?):

Extremely large (and unhappy looking) rodent:


Really interesting looking frogs with cartoonish looking eyes:

Green snake:

Interesting Birds:



Monkey scratching his butt:

Really awesome blue frogs:

Really awesome black and green frog:

More really awesome black and green frogs:


Really freaky looking underside of a gecko:


And now for my favorites!  The adorably hilarious Mrs. Orangutan picking stuff out of very patient Mr. Orangutan’s ear :

Mrs. Orangutan giving the camera innocent looks:

My ultimate favorite animal in the whole world, three toed sloth!!:

I hope you liked these adorable, intriguing animals as much as I did!  It is so fascinating how many different species are out there, and I am glad we got a chance to see just a few of the many amazing creatures there are in the world.


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