I grew up in an Evangelical home and community and went to an Evangelical college.  As a result, Christian faith has always been important to me as well as a big part of my life.  However, when there were too many unanswered questions (or too many different answers to my questions), I wanted to find something that seemed more rooted in something other than everyone’s different interpretations of the Bible. As a result, I turned to the Ancient Church–Eastern Orthodoxy, for guidance.  I was very skeptical of it for a long time, as I was of all churches and claims to Truth, but during my time in Korea I decided to give it a fair chance.  And am I ever glad that I did.  I met a wonderful priest named Father Daniel Na and attended his church, St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon, one city over from Bucheon.  Luckily, he was fluent in English, so he was able to teach me a lot.  I didn’t end up joining the Church while in Korea, but it was an important stage in my spiritual search.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful church:

I also had the pleasure of celebrating Pascha (Easter) while in Korea.  It’s an incredibly joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection involving a long, late night service followed by LOTS of good food and drink!  Here are some pictures my Priests’ son took of the occasion:

Me w/ the priest’s wife:

Father Daniel giving me a red egg, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ

Aren’t the icon murals incredible??

This church was a precious, precious part of my time in Korea and I will never forget all of the wonderful, warm, loving people in this congregation.  I can’t wait to go back to see everyone next time I’m in Korea!


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