Spring is here!  For the first time in central Illinois, we are actually having a real spring over spring break.  And I love it!! As a write, there is a big honeybee buzzing outside my window, buds blooming, and flowers sprouting out of the earth. How can you not love spring?

To celebrate, my friend Jacob and I went on a nice little photo stroll to catch some of these burgeoning buds and flourishing flowers. I juxtaposed our pics to illustrate our unique interpretations. (Me, left; Jacob, right)  Aren’t they lovely?

You likey?  Here are a few more of my favs:

Here is Jacob shooting some flowers:

One of the things I love about photography is that it gives people a reason to talk with you, thus giving you a chance to meet different types of people you wouldn’t have otherwise. While we were walking around the neighborhood capturing spring, an old man came out of his house and started scolding us, saying we had to pay for taking pictures of his flowers.  At first we weren’t sure if he was an angry old man who was actually upset or if he was joking, but we eventually realized he was just playing with us so that he could use it as an opportunity to advocate for a political agenda.

Okay, now you know how late this post is…

Anyway, yay for spring!!


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