Once again, it has been far too long since I have updated.  Yet, life has continued on, and many things have happened!  So, I will attempt to catch up in the next month or so and do my best to make sure nothing new happens so we don’t miss anything!  (Yeah right!)

This post is the story of how I decided to sell my good ol’ station wagon, which has been with me through these last two years of graduate school.  (Graduation post soon to come!)  Last month, I decided to sell my station wagon because I was tired of horrible gas mileage and all the money I was pouring into fixing the nearly 20 year old car.  Plus, I got an awesome deal from a friend on a 2008 Honda Civic that I just couldn’t pass up!  (Although, the day I got the Civic, someone rear ended it, totaling the car, and that was the end of that story…)  But first things first–that post later!

The day I was supposed to return the wagon to the lot (I sold it back to the place I bought it), I started having major separation anxiety, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it!  The wagon had been with me through all of the ups and downs of these last two years: the joys of grad school friendships, the pains of tests and papers, meeting and dating the love of my life (2 years in less than a month!), the incredible experience of working as as mental health therapist at the university clinic, the continuation of my piano and violin studio business, and the start of my photography business.  But the most memorable part of the wagon days was all of the tennis, reading, speech, karate, piano lessons, ice cream outings, swimming pool trips, Mcdonalds runs, and museum visits I made over the last two years with two of the most lovely little girls I have ever met, Morgan and Maya.  I had the joy of nannying M&M full time last summer and part time ever since, and we have spent many good memories in my station wagon (except when Maya stuck her gum all over the back seat…)  So I decided, what better way than to commemorate the end of the wagon era with a photo shoot of us with the car before I bring it back!  Here are the results:

And yes, this is meant to be taken VERY seriously.  😉

Okay, this is where it gets a lot better…

We will miss you, good ol’ Wagon…


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