There is no one like Holly Peach…

I adore this little ocean lady.  ADORE.  She has a master mind of amazingness.  I mean, really, her MIND=AMAZING.  Not only is her head red, but it’s freaking genius.  And I love it.  She’s three years my junior, but this girl intimidates me to pieces.  “Why is that?”  Might you ask…

Well, have you ever met a person who is always able to articulate everything you think before you’ve realized you thought it because it’s so perfectly developed and concise?  Holly is the one who is able to bring to surface everything I know I believe inside but can’t figure out because my brain just can’t put the pieces together.  But she can.  And I love (and envy) her for that.  Unfortunately, Holly lives about as far away from me as one can while still being in the States, but fortunately, all her wonderful amazing epiphanies can be found online at:  So be sure to check it out!

So how did I get the pleasure of meeting Holly?  I met Holly her freshman year, my senior year, of college.  We met at a church that “Is not a Korean church but is pretty much a Korean church even though they’re trying not to be a Korean church.”  Yeah.  So anyway, when we met, I was starting up a North Korean Human Rights club on campus, and she was interested, so she joined the club and we met each other through that.  Over time, I discovered what an incredible mind and heart this girl had, and we slowly developed a lovely friendship.  Now our love is here to stay–and in permanent ink for all to see at Ocean Beach, San Francisco!

I can now fairly say, I have left my heart in San Francisco.  But I know we’ll meet again soon.  Until then, thank God for texting, gchat, grooveshark playlists, and bloggy love.


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