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Places: Cleveland Metroparks Rainforest, Cleveland, OH


I was never a big animal person growing up, but the more I learn about animals and discover how intelligent they are, the more I have come to appreciate them.  I’m torn about zoos because I love seeing all of the different species, but it would be way more fun to be able to interact more with them.  Here are some of the pictures I took from the Rainforest in Cleveland, OH.

Monkey (Sorry, I didn’t make note of the scientific names of all these animals, so my made up names will have to do):


Very large python:

Green Frogs (Can you count how many there are?):

Extremely large (and unhappy looking) rodent:


Really interesting looking frogs with cartoonish looking eyes:

Green snake:

Interesting Birds:



Monkey scratching his butt:

Really awesome blue frogs:

Really awesome black and green frog:

More really awesome black and green frogs:


Really freaky looking underside of a gecko:


And now for my favorites!  The adorably hilarious Mrs. Orangutan picking stuff out of very patient Mr. Orangutan’s ear :

Mrs. Orangutan giving the camera innocent looks:

My ultimate favorite animal in the whole world, three toed sloth!!:

I hope you liked these adorable, intriguing animals as much as I did!  It is so fascinating how many different species are out there, and I am glad we got a chance to see just a few of the many amazing creatures there are in the world.


Places: St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral, Cleveland, OH


One of my favorite Orthodox Churches in the midwest is St. Theodosius in Tremont, a super hip neighborhood in the up and coming area of Cleveland.  Here is a shot from the outside:

It’s backyard has a nice view of the industrial valley, which you can see here:

(Do you like the fake film effect?  I love film, but can’t afford using it a lot, so I pretend…don’t hate, filmians!)

Cleveland was the first rustbelt city I’d ever really explored, and I found it fascinating to see the old nestled up against the new.  Believe it or not, Cleveland IS developing and building up again, and there are some nice things to do and see in the area.  If anything, I just love how it tells a story with all it’s old run down buildings and industrial plants.  It’s a tired city for sure, but it’s also beautiful in it’s own way.  More to come from Cleveland, for sure!