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Places: Jebu-Do, Gyeonggi, South Korea


Periodically, the staff at my school would go on little trips or dinner outings together to get away from work and spend time with one another.  Our first trip was to Jebu-Do, (the “do” part meaning “island.”)  I was pretty excited when I first found out we were going to an island because I was getting sick of the smog of the city and, well, even though it’s Korea, I ignorantly had images of tropical happiness in my mind.  Well, I was in for a surprise when we got there and there were no palm trees, no sun, and only mud.  Korean island.  Hello…

Well, anyway, even though it wasn’t what I expected, it still was pretty.  Here are some pics for you to judge for yourself:

Some of my coworkers:

Have you ever been anywhere that turned out to be totally different from what you expected?