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Oh My!: Shabu Shabu Christmas Dinner 2011


For Christmas dinner, we went all out and had our friends, the Kim Family, along with my photography partners Nathan & Sarah of Adhikari Photography over for our turn of Asian hospitality.  This time, we did hot pot, or Shabu Shabu (샤브샤브).  Here are some of the highlights:

And of course, the girls brought with them some youthful energy as they continued their knitting and played with their awesome new crayon sets!  Suna sure knows how to be a little diva:

It was a lovely Christmas dinner shared with friends, family, and of course, good food.  And I will complete the awesomeness of this Christmas with the most killer Christmas picture ever, my brother with his new hair dryer:

Whoo!  Merry Christmas, everyone!


Oh My!: Christmas Appreciation Breakfast


It’s been a crazy year, being back at home putting myself through grad school.  But when the times get tough, my friends and family are always there to brighten my day and make life bearable! In honor of them, I wanted to have an “appreciation breakfast,” for Christmas. So, on Christmas eve, I had a small group of my local friends over for crepes, crepes, and more crepes!

(Crepe maker courtesy of my darling little brother as a gift last Christmas)

(Thank you Nathan for taking pictures!)

Everyone had their own personalized menus:

Tea menus:

My ma, crepin it up!

Sarah (aka Korean Princess) and Anna (aka Greek Goddess) (Can you tell which is which?):


The honored guests:

Thanks to all of my mom’s help (and my kind friends for showing up), it was a lovely brunch, and we successfully made and ate around 100 crepes!  Love you guys, and Merry Christmas!

Oh My!: Samgyupsal Christmas Dinner with the Kim Family


Now that I’ve caught up with all my New Years travels, I want to backtrack a little to Christmas. Christmas was a series of holiday parties, one after another=a super awesome Christmas. The Thursday before Christmas, the Kims, a family friend, invited us over for one of my favorite foods, Korean BBQ, called “Samgyupsal” (잠겹살).  Jonghoon, the father, is a native of South Korea, and Susan, his wife, met him while she was teaching English there.  They are now married and have two adorable, talented, and super smart daughters, Gina and Suna.  They have all lived in Korea for several years, so eating with them was like being in Korea again!  We had a lot of fun chatting over delicious food and being entertained by Gina and Suna who played all of their many musical instruments in the background.

I also got a real kick out of their adorable dog, Daisy.  She gives you these looks like she’s really a human deep down inside, and she even flinched when the flash went off on my camera!  I thought it was the funniest thing, although I feel bad for bothering her with the flash.

When the girls finished showing off their musical talent, I taught them how to knit, and they worked on knitting ipod cases for their mom.  I was impressed at their ability!

Stay tuned for more of the Kim family, as they came over for hot pot (shabu shabu, 샤브샤브) on Christmas day!